Childhood Adversity

Traumatic stress resulting from childhood adversity is a disorder of memory and attachment that makes it difficult to connect with and feel safe in the world. It especially impacts the development of secure and safe relationships. Utilizing the latest research on trauma, I will help you:

  • Resolve and let go of traumatic memories.
  • Clear the harmful impact of recurring symptoms.
  • Discard self-defeating beliefs about yourself and others.
  • Understand how trauma affects your life.
  • Live fully and without fear.

I will not ask you to relive painful memories.

I utilize a strengths-based approach that requires only an observational retelling of past events. Hypnosis, guided imagery, metaphor, and calming techniques are tools that will provide you with the resources you need. I work from the universally accepted three stage model that focuses on:

  • Establishing safety, stability, and security.
  • Reprocessing memories and/or experiences that trigger traumatic stress.
  • Reconnecting with the world and learning to thrive within it.

Trauma informs the core (unconscious) beliefs we have about ourselves, other people, and the world. It is not the event itself that causes disruption, but the mind’s ongoing, but incomplete attempts to protect you. In fact, common symptoms are examples of once adaptive strategies that no longer work for you.

Symptoms can include: anxiety and panic attacks, being easily startled, always looking out for danger, difficulty sleeping, nightmares or flashbacks, feeling numb or detached, recurring physical ailments, and avoiding things that remind you of the traumatic event.

Trauma emerges when negative life events overwhelm our coping resources, whether we are exposed to actual or threatened death, serious injury, or sexual violence or less dramatic, but no less harrowing adverse experiences. These can be things like emotional abuse or neglect, poverty, losing a parent through death, incarceration, or divorce, or living with someone who is mentally ill or struggling with a substance use disorder.


I am happy to answer questions or concerns you might have about your past. If you would like to talk, please give me a call at 404.666.2166 to let me know what's on your mind or email me at